It seems like the holiday season sneaks up on us faster and faster every year. Can you believe stores are already transitioning to Christmas music and holiday decor? With the gift giving season right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about your holiday purchases. Here are 6 reasons to support small businesses this year:

Small Businesses Create More Jobs

According to the Small Business Association, since 1990 small businesses have created over 8 million jobs while big businesses have eliminated 4 million. Though just 21.5% of all small businesses are employers, they provide jobs to over half the workforce!

Money Spent at Small Businesses Goes Back to the Local Economy

Money invested in a small business tends to remain local. An estimated $48 of every $100 stays in the local economy, compared to an average of just $14 from large businesses. Small businesses seek out suppliers and services such as marketing and accounting locally, helping to support other small businesses in their area. Services and supplies are often outsourced by large companies.

Small Businesses Give Back More

Aside from greater local investments, it seems that small businesses are much more generous as well. The Seattle Good Business Network found that small businesses donate 250% more than larger businesses to nonprofits and community causes. There are even some small businesses donating a percentage of goods or profits as part of their business model (Just like us!).

Small Businesses Support Sustainability

Of the 27.9 million registered small businesses in the United States, 52% are home-based. This means they require little to no transportation and modest electricity usage. With the flexibility to easily change policies and adopt new technologies, small businesses are leaders when it comes to sustainability in the office. Furthermore the majority of green businesses are small independent businesses with less than 200 employees. These eco-friendly companies include categories such as alternative energy, sustainable retail and organic food growers.

Customer Service is Better at Small Businesses

Customers have reported the service level at small businesses is usually better and more personal than chain stores. It is not unusual for customers to be familiar with small business owners and form special relationships within the community. When complaints are to be had, small business owners usually get involved and take responsibility. With a large chain you may be stuck going through a 1-800 number and/or an automated phone tree to file a complaint.

Small Businesses Listen

Have a new special product or service you want to see added? You have a much better shot at getting it from a small business. Owners are often directly connected with every employee in the store and in most instances the customers. They can easily listen to demands and adjust their offerings accordingly. Looking to invest in a small business this holiday season? Don’t forget about Cause You Care! All of our endangered species products donate 25% of profits to the International Fund for Animal Welfare to help save animals. Our products are made and printed in the U.S.A. using sustainable inks and minimal packaging. Each item is printed upon ordering to reduce overall waste and eliminate the need to store excess inventory. Wondering when you need to place your order for the holiday season? Based on your location and preferred shipping method, here are your options: USA Holiday Shipping | Cause You Care Military Holiday Shipping | Cause You Care Canada Holiday Shipping | Cause You Care Asia Europe Holiday Shipping | Cause You CareAfrica South America Middle East Holiday Shipping | Cause You Care Spread your small business love in the coming months and share the infographic below! Support Small Businesses Infographic | Cause You Care

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